Term Life

Simply Preferred Term: Affordable, renewable life insurance coverage. Premiums guaranteed to remain the same for 10 or 20 years depending on your needs. No medical evidence required at renewal provided coverage amount remains the same.

Participating Life Insurance

Estate Achiever: Provides higher long-term growth in total cash value and death benefit. You can choose to pay level basic premiums for a guaranteed maximum of 20 years or to age 100.
Wealth Achiever: Provides higher growth in cash values over the short term, while still providing lifetime insurance protection. You can choose to pay level basic premiums for a guaranteed maximum of 20 years or to age 100.

Universal Life Insurance

Millennium Universal Life: Combines permanent life insurance protection with the opportunity to accumulate tax-advantaged growth. You can customize your insurance coverage to fit your lifestyle, budget and financial goals.

Critical Illness

Child LifeAdvance: A critical illness insurance product available to help protect your child between the ages of 60 days up to age 25, if the child is diagnosed with a critical illness or condition.
LifeAdvance: Available with the following premium and coverage options: Permanent level premium, paid up at 100. Permanent level premium paid up in 15 years. 10 year renewable term to 75, convertible to 65. Level premium term to 75, paid up at 65. Level premium term to 75.

Individual Long Term Disability Coverage

Lifestyle Protection Plan: A personal disability insurance policy that can provide you with a monthly benefit during a total disability. Designed for fee-for-service, self-employed professionals, executives, business owners and employees.
Independence Plan The Independence Plan is a conditionally renewable contract specially designed for people with occupations that limit their ability to purchase disability insurance. It's a basic disability policy that can provide you with total or partial disability income benefits if you are disabled because of an injury.
Overhead Expense Plan: A non-cancellable overhead expense disability insurance policy that can provide reimbursement of eligible business overhead expenses during total disability.
Buy/Sell Plan: Designed to provide funds to help enable the business or one or more business owners to purchase the shares or ownership interest of a totally disabled shareholder or partner.

Segregated Funds

Segregated fund policies: Offer wealth-building potential similar to that of a mutual fund. Segregated fund policies also offer valuable wealth-protection features.

Payout Annuities

Life Annuities: Life annuities pay a guaranteed income for as long as you live or the guarantee period, whichever is longer.
Joint and Last Survivor Annuities: Provide a guaranteed income for the lifetime of 2 people. Help eliminate the worry that your survivor will have to deal with reduced income and changes in lifestyle.
Term-Certain Annuities: Pay a guaranteed income for a specific period of time. They are useful to provide an income to supplement or bridge to retirement or during a long period of travel, school or unexpected unemployment.

Guaranteed Interest Terms

Generations Guaranteed Interest Terms: Canada Life Generations segregated fund policies offer investment options that include guaranteed interest terms. These terms provide comparable security to a guaranteed interest certificate (GIC) or term deposit while adding flexibility
Comprehensive Annuity Policy: A comprehensive annuity policy (CAP) is available as either registered or non-registered. CAP offers comparable security to a guaranteed interest certificate (GIC) or term deposit with flexibility.

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Insurance Glossary

Level Premium Life Insurance: Life insurance for which the premium remains the same from year to year. The premium is more than the actual cost of protection during the earlier years of a policy and less than the actual cost in later years. The excess paid in the early years builds up a reserve. When invested, this reserve amount earns a return that helps keep the amount of the level premium down.

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