Term Insurance

Family Term: Family Term provides insurance for the duration you select and your costs remain the same for this period. Coverage can be renewed and future rates are guaranteed. Available in Term 10, 20, 65 and Term Life.
Business Term: Business Term provides insurance coverage options to meet your long- and short-term needs. Coverage can be renewed and future payments are guaranteed. Available in Term 10, 20, 65 and Term Life (T-100).

Permanent Insurance

Performax Gold: A reliable whole life insurance solution backed by powerful guarantees and built for long-term tax-deferred growth.

Universal Life Insurance

InnoVision: A full-featured universal life solution providing tremendous flexibility and choice to customize a plan that fits your goals. Ideal for tax, wealth accumulation and estate planning, InnoVision offers several coverage options and more than 50 investment accounts to select from.
UltraVision: A unique life insurance solution with a simplified, investment-focused design. With tax-advantaged growth within the policy and the ability to pass on accumulated wealth to beneficiaries tax free.
Limited Pay UL: A universal life insurance plan designed to be paid off within a specified period of time - 10, 15, or 20 years.

Critical Illness

Lifecheque: One of the most comprehensive critical illness insurance plans available today and is designed to meet the diverse and changing needs of individuals and business owners.
Lifecheque Basic: Covers 5 critical illnesses: Cancer (life-threatening), Heart Attack, Stroke (Cerebrovascular Accident), Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, and Aortic Surgery. Benefit amounts available: $25,000, $50,000, $75,000.

Long Term Care

LivingCare: Designed to provide you with the freedom to choose the type of care you want and need, while at the same time protect your retirement assets. The flexibility of LivingCare allows you to choose to receive your benefits for home or facility care.

Disabilty Insurance

Venture Series: Reliable, cost-effective income replacement protection designed for small business owners and employees.
Buy-Sell Plus: A great complement to a business buy-out agreement. It offers flexibility and choice in how to fund the purchase of a disabled owner's share of the business.
Proguard Series: Manulife's flagship disability insurance plan offers one of the most comprehensive income replacement protection available in the market.
ExpenseComp: By reimbursing business expenses like salaries, rent, utilities and more, ExpenseComp can help make sure clients don't have to close up shop early because of illness or injury.
Personal Accident: Personal Accident Disability Insurance (PADI) is a portfolio of guaranteed renewable products that helps you build accident and sickness protection coverage best suited for your individual needs.

Travel Insurance

Insurance for Travelling Canadians: Insurance for Canadians travelling out-of-province helps protect your clients against the cost of unexpected emergencies that may occur during their trip - costs only marginally covered by their provincial health insurance plan.
Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada: Do your clients have family or friends coming to stay? Do their guests have insurance to protect them while they're here? Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada can help protect against the cost of unexpected medical emergencies that may occur during their trip in Canada.
Travel80 Term Travel Insurance: First in Canada - multi-year travel medical insurance. Designed to meet emergency medical travel insurance needs for years to come.
Travel Insurance for Students: Travel Insurance for Students is designed specifically for students - whenever they travel to study. get coverage for up to $1 million in benefits if a medical emergency strikes unexpectedly.

Combination Insurance

Synergy: A life insurance policy, a disability insurance policy and a critical illness insurance policy all rolled into one easy-to-manage and affordable solution.

Health & Dental

Flexcare: With 7 core plan options available, you may choose the plan that's right for your family, needs and your budget. You can customize the Flexcare plan with add-on options for additional coverage.
FollowMe Health: Designed to offer you uninterrupted health and dental coverage for you and your family, when your employment and group benefits end.
Association Health and Dental Plan: Designed to offer small or large associations and small businesses with an individual health and dental insurance plan.


Income & Principal Protected: When investing for income, annuities are an excellent choice. The income is guaranteed because there is no market exposure. Annuities also offer a higher income rate than many other guaranteed income products, and tax advantages for non-registered funds.

Segregated Funds

Segregated Fund Contract: Offers protective features, including death benefit and maturity guarantees. The following are some unique tax advantages of segregated funds, as compared to mutual funds: Flow Through Of Capital Losses - All Taxable Events Reported - Bypass Probate Taxes and Other Estate Fees

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Insurance Glossary

Locked-in Retirement Income Fund (LRIF): The LRIF is similar to a LIF with some additional flexibility in terms of what you can receive in income in any given year. The maximum payment in any year depends on the investment earnings in the previous year. The LRIF does not require annuitization at age 80. LRIFs are only available in some provinces.

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